WPPI Las Vegas

We had our first trip to the big photography convention WPPI in Las Vegas. We stayed at New York New York, a very nice casino which we would go back to with no problem. There was a ton of stuff to take in and not enough time. Below are a few of the images we took while we were there. Pictures of New York New York, MGM, the Bellagio fountain, Mirage casino volcano, Paris Casino. We had a great weekend there. Next time we will make it a longer stay. The convention was huge and we only had one day to take it all in. It was too much for one day. We were too rushed, but we did come out with so great new products for our brides!

The view

This was our view from New York New York. It wasn’t a bad site to wake up to and being in Vegas in March beats being in PA in March hands down.


My wife Julie Lonchena just chilling after waking for hours. We were both beat but I just wanted to see more and more. I am sure I will pay for it later.


The MGM hosting WPPI 2014. The convention was great. I would go back without a doubt. There was so many great vendors there. I wish I had more time to talk to them and take it in better.




Here is my mother Marsha Lonchena posing it up on a graffiti wall next to the old sign museum. We didn’t make it into the tour. I guess we should have booked it ahead of time.


A picture of Silverwind Photography Photographers Me and my wife Julie.


Here is a good picture of Julie and my sister Brandy. I almost missed it, I was to busy taking pictures of the crystals.


The Bellagio’s fountain show was nothing less than amazing. The water just danced with the music the lights just made the water shine. I just had to see it a few more times.


The Mirage’s volcano show was my favorite. The music fit the show. The lights made the water look like lava with the fire flying into the air lighting up the night. It made it feel like you could be watching the real thing.

We end the night in Paris…well the casino at least. Though I wish I could give Julie the real one I am afraid that will have to remain a dream. I do have to say it was great to be in Vegas with family to go to WPPI. I do have to say the best part was being on the trip with Julie. It was nice just to get away together.